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Cut Costs Today Without Decreasing Productivity!

With the continuing rise of oil prices and the falling value of the American dollar, more and more businesses are looking for ways to streamline their businesses.  However, there is a giant question stuck in each and every head... "How can I cut costs with out sacrificing productivity or quality of service to my clients...clients whom I am forced to value now more than ever!  If this is the question looming over you right now, then rest easy, because you have just found the answer to this "character-building" challenge in your life with the Online Staffing Solutions provided by My Online Staff!

Introducing My Online Staff!

Virtual Assistant Administrative Assistant Executive Assistant Online Data EntryWelcome to My Online Staff!  You have found a one-stop solution to all of your business support and staffing needs - but with a unique twist!  We provide complete Online Staffing Solutions, such as virtual back office, human resources, data entry, executive assistant, administrative assistant services and more - all ONLINE, and at a FRACTION of what you would pay to have someone do the job in your office!  We provide a streamlined and seamless addition to your office through the use of our virtual assistant and virtual back office services, regardless of what your needs are, and without any additional overhead.  In fact, in more than 95% of the cases, we actually put money back in their pockets within the very first month!

American owned and operated, we offer our value-added Online Staffing Solutions to valued clients in the United States, and w'e'll be ramping up our Online Staffing Services for deployment in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in the very near future.

Our complete Online Staffing Solutions, including our Virtual Assistant and Virtual Back Office services are offered to business professionals in a wide variety of fields, small, medium and large enterprises, associations and non-profit organizations including international companies looking for additional ways to streamline costs without sacrificing on the quality of services they receive or are able to provide.

There is a lot of information available here on how our Online Staffing Solutions and Virtual Assistant services work, including learning how to apply our profit-building services to your specific needs, so please tour the site to learn how you can save as much as 50% or more on your staffing needs today!  Also, please visit us often, as our site is constantly being updated.

Learn more about our Online Staffing Solutions and Virtual Assistants, and how we can drastically decrease your operating overhead today!

Although you will find detailed information on how Online Staffing works in the tour we've set up for you in the links to the right, here are soma basics to keep in mind.  The term "Online Staffing" is a general term which refers to anyone providing services online which would otherwise be performed by typical staff in an office environment.  These services can be in a wide variety of areas.  We can handle

Let us walk you through our Online Staffing Solutions and Virtual Assistant services, and how the use of them adds massive amounts of cash directly to your bottom line. 

Virtual Assistant Administrative Assistant Executive Assistant Online Data EntryOn the right side of this page, you will find links designed to take you step-by-step through the process of how Online Staffing Services and Virtual Office Services works.  Just start at the top and work your way down if you want a complete picture of how this works from beginning to advanced information, or simply click "Next" below to learn more about it step by step, or simply click on one of the links to the right of your screen to learn about a specific topic.  Don't forget to also browse through the specific services our Online Staff and Virtual Assistants can perform, as well as our informative Case Studies page to find examples of how Online Staffing and Virtual Assistants have met the needs of clients all over America!

From all of us here at, we thank you for taking the time to visit our site.  We look forward to welcoming you into our family of satisfied clients, and starting you on the way to massive savings in your staffing expenditures using our complete Online Staffing Solutions and Virtual Assistants!
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